Countries in Turmoil

2015 set a new and troubling record: For the first time ever, an estimated 60 million people were displaced from their homes by war, conflict, and persecution. At the same time, oil prices crashed to a 12-year low, and oil-dependent nations around the globe saw…

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Education in Syria

Silje Immerstein, Training Manager and Sulaf Al-Shaikhly, QA Manager Education Overview The Education System in Syria Administration and Finance In 2009, 5.1 percent of Syria’s GDP was allocated to education. The Syrian government plays a central role in the administration, planning, and supervision of education…

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The Importance of Higher Education for Syrian Refugees

Jessica Magaziner, Credential Analyst at World Education Services Introduction The Syrian conflict has been covered extensively in the news since its violent inception in the spring of 2011. This conflict has resulted in extreme loss of life, societal destruction and the displacement of millions of…

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