WENR, December 2018: Asia Pacific

China: New College to Address Lack of International Education Degrees

Australia: Proposed Change to Political Donation Policy Could Lead to Heavy Fines for International Students; and more!

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WENR, November 2018: Asia Pacific

Pakistan: New Government Seeks to Create a Uniform Education System

India: No Signs that Foreign Branch Campuses will be allowed in India Anytime Soon; and more!

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WENR, October 2018: Asia Pacific

China: China Now Produces More Research Papers than the U.S.

Australia: Government Discusses Shifting Inflow of International Student to Regional Areas; and more!

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WENR, September 2018: Asia Pacific

Pakistan: Supreme Court Tightens Regulations in Legal Education;

China: Government Expands Academic Cooperation with African Countries; and more!

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WENR. August 2018: Asia Pacific

China: Government Seeks to Boost International Enrollments by Allowing Students to Work Part-Time

Australia: Volume of Australian Education Exports Reaches New Record High; and more!

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