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Alike but Unequal: Quality and Credentials In China’s International High School Sector

Last year, Chinese undergraduate enrollments in U.S. colleges and universities outstripped graduate enrollments for the first time ever. The quality of those students’ secondary schooling is directly relevant to their impact and experiences on campus. WENR offers an overview of the good, the bad, and the fly-by-night landscape of China’s international high schools to help institutions better manage their enrollment pipeline and student success.

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The International Student Experience: A Crucial Domain of Recruitment and Retention

International student alumni can be an institution’s biggest brand ambassadors, but only if they have a good experience on campus. The research team at WES surveyed almost 5,000 current or formal international students to learn more about what did and didn’t work for them during their time at U.S. institutions – and to develop actionable recommendations to help HEIs better meet student needs and future recruitment goals.

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Do Systemic Mobility Constraints Impose Limitations on 100,000 Strong Goals?

Across Latin America, degree recognition failures are common. US HEIs should understand systemic constraints, to help students & recruit more effectively.

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Recruitment Beyond China: Lower-Middle-Income Countries Show Promise

Student mobility from lower-middle-income countries is on the rise. That’s good news for U.S. colleges and universities that don’t have top-tier rankings.

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Philippines K-12 Reforms Poised to Transform Higher Education System

Although aimed at the K-12 sector, recent educational reforms in the Philippines are expected dramatically affect the nation’s higher education system – and potentially Filipino students’ international mobility – as well.

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Better Career Services for International Students = Better Retention and Recruitment

Good career prospects are a major pull factor for international students who come to the U.S., but the career services available on campus often fall short. With an eye toward improved recruitment, retention, and better student experience, the WES research team examined what works and what doesn’t at campuses across the U.S.

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The Institutional Race for International Tuition Dollars: Are the Costs Acceptable?

National and institutional policies around the globe explicitly view international students through a short-term financial lens. But as we balance economic imperatives and higher education’s core mission, we must always ask: Can we justify the ethical, academic, and civic tradeoffs we’re making?

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The Next Frontier: ROI Evaluation in International Student Recruitment

Megha Roy and Zhengrong Lu, Research Associates at World Education Services In the coming decade, institutions of higher education across the U.S. will face two realities now reshaping the enrollment landscape. On the one hand, global demand for international higher

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The Importance of Higher Education for Syrian Refugees

Jessica Magaziner, Credential Analyst at World Education Services Introduction The Syrian conflict has been covered extensively in the news since its violent inception in the spring of 2011. This conflict has resulted in extreme loss of life, societal destruction and

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WES Policy on Selected Three-Year Bachelor’s Degrees from India

World Education Services VIEW WEBINAR ARCHIVE: REFORMS TO HIGHER EDUCATION IN INDIA   More than 102,000 Indian students were enrolled at a U.S. institution of higher education in 2014. Of these, 60 percent were enrolled at the graduate level. This

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