WENR, December 2014: Europe

More Harmonization Beyond Bologna Required

More harmonization of higher education systems across the European Union may be needed if its universities are to continue to compete on the global stage, speakers at a recent conference have claimed…

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WENR, September 2014: Europe

Report: Universities Should Use Transnational Education Strategically

A recent report argues that Western universities should take a more strategic approach to using transnational, or cross-border…

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WENR, July/August 2014: Europe

Study: 183 Publically Funded International Scholarship Programs

There are some 183 nationally funded scholarship programs for outbound academic mobility around the globe, with just over half of the world’s countries…

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WENR, May 2014: Europe

University Mergers to Appease the Rankings

Twenty French colleges and research institutes are merging to create Université Paris-Saclay, soon to be one of France’s largest universities, at a cost of about EUR6.5 billion (US$9 billion). The mega-merger is part of France’s bid …

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WENR, April 2014: Europe

EU Looks to Improve Work Rights for Foreign Students and Researchers

The European Union Parliament in February supported draft rules that will offer ‘talented’ non-European international students and researchers improved living and working conditions, in a bid to help member countries attract the world’s best minds.

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WENR, March 2014: Europe

€2 Billion for Excellence Initiatives

French President François Hollande has announced funding of €2 billion (US$2.7 billion) for the creation of new regional university research centers, under a second wave of ‘Excellence Initiatives,’ or IDEX.

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WENR, February 2014: Europe

University Mergers a Theme Across Austerity-Struck Continent

Mergers and system restructures are increasing across Europe as a result of funding cuts, reports Times Higher Education, citing a recent study.

Several university mergers have recently taken place in Belgium, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Poland and Sweden,

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WENR, December 2013: Europe

Universities Remain Closed

Students occupied colleges at the end of November in support of an administration staff strike, which is now in its 13th week.

Administrative staff in universities went on strike three months ago against government austerity plans that include suspending 1,349 staff, a precursor to large-scale redundancies.

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WENR, November 2013: Europe

Growth in Europe-Based International Enrollments Outpaces North America

According to a new report from the European Commission’s European Migration Network (EMN), the number of international students in Europe increased by roughly 114 percent in the first decade of the new century.

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WENR, October 2013: Europe

42 Percent Rise in Number of English-Taught Masters Programs in Europe

A new briefing paper published by the Institute of International Education’s (IIE) Center for Academic Mobility Research suggests that the number of English-taught master’s programs in Europe has increased by 42 percent since 2011 to 6,609 in June 2013.

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