WENR, December 2018: Europe

Ireland: Sudden Closure of Grafton College Affects 470 International Students

France: Government Unveils New International Recruitment Strategy; and more!

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WENR, November 2018: Europe

Russia: Russia’s int’l student enrolment on the up

U.K.: UK universities ‘bleeding their business schools dry’; and more!

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WENR, October 2018: Europe

U.K.: University ‘dual nationality’ plan for Brexit;

Spain: Spanish academics split over national CV vetting; and more!

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WENR, September 2018: Europe

U.K.: Muslim Students Feel Marginalized at UK Universities, According to New Study;

Denmark: Government to Reduce International Student Numbers; and more!

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WENR, August 2018: Europe

U.K.: New UUKi Report Highlights Importance of International Collaboration to the U.K.;

Poland: Coventry University to Open as First International Campus in Poland; and more!

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