WENR, June 2018: Europe

EU: European Commission Proposal Opens Erasmus+ to All Countries

U.K.: Large Number of Fake Degrees Sold Online; and more

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WENR, May 2018: Europe

U.K.: Home Office Orders 7,000 Foreign Students to Leave in Big Blunder

Hungary: New Hungarian Laws Spark Calls for Codification of EU University Protections; and more

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WENR, April 2018: Europe

U.K.: University of Warwick Creates New Collaboration Programs with French Institutions

Netherlands: Government Works to Attract Nigerian Students; and more

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WENR, March 2018: Europe

U.K. Universities Face Dire Financial Situations

Netherlands: Record High Number of Foreign Students in Dutch Technical Degrees; and more

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WENR, February 2018: Europe

Turkey Becoming International Education Hub

Scotland: Free Tuition for EU students Guaranteed Through 2019-20 Enrollment; and more

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