WENR, December 2017: Europe

Ireland: Returned Emigrants May Miss Out on Free Tuition

U.K government to offer 2-year degrees; Germany surpasses int’l enrollment goals; and more

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WENR, November 2017: Europe

U.K: Foreign Student Tuition Fees Main Source of Cross-Subsidy for Underfunded Research

France: New Reforms Give Universities More Power; Swedish HEIs call for internationalization strategy; and more

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WENR, October 2017: Europe

Hungary: Central European University Strikes Agreement with New York, Likely Saved

U.K.: Quality Assurance Agency Clamps Down on Essay Mills, and more

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WENR, September 2017: Europe

Massive Growth in English Language Instruction Over Last Eight Years

Impact of Nationalist Sentiment on Higher Education; U.K.: Grade Inflation Threatens Reputation of University System; and More

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WENR, July-August 2017: Europe

U.K.: International Tuition Payments Cost Universities an Estimated USD $103 Million in Transaction Fees

A Western Union survey of 100 finance and admissions teams at universities across the U.K. found that the charges incurred from payments is the biggest

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