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Career Expectations, Experiences, and Outcomes of U.S.-Educated International Students: What We Learned

Our research team surveyed more than 2,000 international students to answer a key question: What international students’ career outcomes?

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How Can U.S. MBA Programs Respond to Declining Demand From International Students?

Full-time, two-year MBA programs in the U.S. have seen declines in application numbers for the third straight year. How can institutions respond?

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The Fluctuation Effect: Currency Exchanges and the Cost of Education

Colin Youngblood, Editorial Assistant, WENR REGISTER FOR CAREER EXPECTATIONS WEBINAR &nbsp International students buy into an education market where their purchasing power has the potential to swing wildly. The sticker shock for students studying abroad can thus be considerable. As

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Education in Iraq

A look at current trends in education and international student mobility in Iraq. Includes a guide to qualifications, and common credential evaluation challenges.

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Vietnam: Southeast Asia’s Most Dynamic Outbound Market

In terms of student recruitment, is Vietnam a worthwhile next investment? Most likely, yes. A look at the underlying dynamics, and their implications for strategic enrollment planning.

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SEVIS Data Points to Declining Enrollments From Key Countries

Five months into the new presidential administration, data from SEVIS show notable declines in visa issuance for students from Mexico, China, and several European countries. Learn more.

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Decoding International Students’ Experiences With Education Agents: Insights for U.S. Institutions

New research from WES Looks at what 5,880 current or prospective international students from around the world have to say about working with education agents.

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ROI and More: International Recruitment Metrics That Matter to University Leaders

Need to convince your provost to invest in new international student recruitment efforts? WES Deputy Executive Director Steve Literati provides a primer on the three financial metrics that university leaders need in order to decide. Read more.

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More and Younger: Outbound Student Mobility Among Chinese High School Students

Chinese high school students are coming to the U.S. and Canada in increasing numbers. Credential analyst Mini Gu examines the trend, the factors driving it, and more.

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African Student Mobility: Regional Trends and Recommendations for U.S. HEIs

Africa sent some 427,311 tertiary-level students abroad in 2014. U.S. HEIs already enroll a substantial number from Nigeria. But what other countries might become significant countries of origin for U.S.-bound students? WENR examines changing mobility trends, push and pull factors within the region, and ways U.S. institutions can attract and support a wider range of African students.

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