Sustaining the Momentum in Recruiting Indian Students

By Rahul Choudaha, Associate Director (Innovation & Development) at World Education Services India currently sends more students to study in the United States than any other country. In academic year 2006-07 (the last year for which figures are currently available), 83,833 Indian students were enrolled…

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The Race to Attract International Students

By Abdul Kargbo & Margery Yeager In 1971, a 21-year-old Taiwanese electrical engineer came to the University of Tennessee to further his education. He earned master’s and doctorate degrees and decided to stay in the United States. He also got married and started a family—and…

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International Student Mobility: Patterns and Trends

By Line Verbik, Research Manager, Hobsons and Veronica Lasanowski, Research Officer, The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education Over the past 10-15 years international student mobility has become an increasingly important part of the global higher education landscape. The total number of mobile tertiary education students…

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