Diploma Mills Go Digital

by Robert Sedgwick, Editor, WENR Buying a degree from a diploma mill reminds me of a scene from the 1960 movie The Rat Race, which portrays a naïve out-of-towner (Pete) trying to make it as a musician in the Big Apple. Desperate to spark a romance…

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Bologna Declaration Addresses Higher Education in European Union

by Robert Sedgwick, Editor, WENR On June 18-19, 1999, representatives from 29 countries convened in Bologna to hammer out an agreement aimed at promoting greater harmonization among Europe’s diverse systems of higher education. After much delay, the document was signed by all in attendance. The…

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Book Review: The Globalization of Higher Education

by Robert Sedgwick, Editor, eWENR For anyone interested in understanding the profound impact of globalization on mass higher education and vise versa, The Globalization of Higher Education, edited by Peter Scott, is a good place to begin. Indeed, this is the first book to really…

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