WENR, June 2017: Asia Pacific

Taiwan: Concerns about Enrollments as Mainland China Cuts Student Quota by 50 Percent

SE Asia will be Taiwan’s top new recruiting market; Thailand’s higher education system faces significant challenges; South Korea braces for major higher education reforms

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WENR, May 2017: Asia Pacific

Japan: International Enrollments up by Almost 15 Percent

Rising International Enrollments in Japan; college mergers in Singapore; accreditation reforms in India.

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WENR, April 2017: Asia Pacific

Taiwan: Demographic Pressures Expected to Reshape Higher Education System

The number of Taiwanese students is expected to drop by almost 40 percent by 2028. The decline will likely spur spending cuts at universities, and to lead to school closures and mergers.

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WENR, March 2017: Asia Pacific

Bangladesh: Rising Incomes and a Demographic Boom Drive Increased Outbound Student Mobility

The number of students is growing quickly and is expected to reach 4.6 million by 2026, in part due to the fact that nearly half of Bangladesh’s population is under the age of 24

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WENR, February 2017: Asia Pacific

New Zealand: International Student Spending Escalates Dramatically in Two Years

Double-digit growth of international student enrollments has led to an uptick in spending and substantial economic impact in a short period.

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