WENR, December 2016: Asia Pacific

China: Most International Branch Campuses now Located in China

China edged out the United Arab Emirates as the host country with the most international branch campuses (IBC), according to a recent trends analysis.

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WENR, November 2016: Asia Pacific

Malaysia: Number of PhD Holders to Increase by Nearly 3X

The Malyasian government plans to nearly triple its number of PhD holders to 60,000 by 2023 — there are currently 23,000 doctorate holders in the country.

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WENR, October 2016: Asia Pacific

Hong Kong: New Wave of Calls for Independence at Universities

According to Reuters, institutions “are becoming a new battleground in a nascent campaign for the city’s independence.”

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WENR, September 2016: Asia Pacific

Australia: High Profile Visa Rejection Draws Scrutiny From India

Researcher SM Ananth won a prestigious scholarship to fund his work at the University of Melbourne – only to be denied a visa because his research could be “associated with weapons of mass destruction.” indian officials say the action signals that Australia is treating India like a rogue state.

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WENR, July/August 2016: Asia Pacific

China: Decentralization of Degree-Granting Authority May Signal Broader Change

This summer a few Chinese universities began issuing their own degrees – a task that has, until now, been centrally administered only by the Chinese Ministry of Education. By 2017, all universities will follow suit. Is the shift a harbinger of additional reforms?

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