WENR, December 2017: Middle East

Saudi Government Plans to Overhaul Education System

Syrian teen wins peace prize for educating refugee children; Dubai to offer inclusive education; and more

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WENR, November 2017: Middle East

Middle East: Survey Finds Widespread Research Misconduct

Egypt seeks to attract transnational institutions; Iraq welcomes an Iranian-funded university; and more.

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WENR, September 2017: Middle East

Saudi Arabia: Government Looks to Revamp Scholarship Program

Qatar: Campus Leaders Confident Despite Blockade; Egypt: New Way to Measure Student Achievement in High School; and More

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WENR, July-August 2017: Middle East

Saudi Arabia: Universities Encouraged to Curb Recruitment of International Academics

Faced with dependence on international researchers, the Ministry of Education has called for institutions to hire local academics and recruit rarely from abroad.

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