WENR, June 2017: Middle East

Egypt: New Report Highlights Suppression of Academic Freedom

Human rights report urges Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education to curtail restrictions; Saudi Arabian Universities dominate regional rankings

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WENR, May 2017: Middle East

U.S. Temporary Visas from Muslim-Majority Countries Down

Egypt pursues int’l enrollments; decline in temporary U.S. visa applications may signal softening int’l education interest, and more.

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WENR, April 2017: Middle East

Iran: Graduate Students’ Future in the U.S. Uncertain

While the second iteration of the U.S. president’s travel ban has been temporarily halted, uncertainty about future visa restrictions promises to have an impact on enrollments of students from affected countries, especially Iran.

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WENR, March 2017: Middle East

Saudi Arabia: 1/3 of University Students Never Make it to Graduation

Experts say a growing mismatch between educational training and the demands of the labor market may be disincentivizing Saudi students.

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WENR, February 2017: Middle East

Egypt: International Education Sector is Thriving

There are currently 47,000 international students at Egyptian public universities, over twenty times the amount in 2010. Low tuition fees and cost of living are a huge draw—Egypt offers the lowest tuition rates in the Arab region and provides assistance to students from Syria, Sudan, and Libya.

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