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Career Expectations, Experiences, and Outcomes of U.S.-Educated International Students: What We Learned

Our research team surveyed more than 2,000 international students to answer a key question: What international students’ career outcomes?

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Decoding International Students’ Experiences With Education Agents: Insights for U.S. Institutions

New research from WES Looks at what 5,880 current or prospective international students from around the world have to say about working with education agents.

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Early Insights From Canada: What Help Do Refugees Need to Enroll in North American Higher Education?

How can institutions help students who are among the tens of thousands of newly arrived refugees in Canada and the U.S.? Discover insights from a small-scale WES pilot project.

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$39.4 Billion: The Money We Miss by Under-Employing College-Educated Immigrants

Doctors working as cabbies, engineers as janitors: That’s the story of one in four college-educated immigrants in the U.S. A look at the barriers, costs, and solutions.

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Migration Paths: How Do Highly Skilled Workers Make Their Way to Canada?

With Immigrant interest in Canada surging, WES surveyed 7,120 applicants for Canada’s skilled worker program to better understand their backgrounds and skills.

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Students From the Middle East and North Africa: Motivations, On-Campus Experiences, and Areas of Need

The MENA region is second only to Asia as a contributor of students to U.S. based institutions. Original WES research illuminates the distinct needs of students from across the region, and the supports most critical to ensuring that they have good campus and academic experiences.

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Indian Master’s Students on U.S. Campuses: How Needs Differ Across Three Key Disciplines

Indian students are a rising force on U.S. campuses. But what are their motivations and experiences once here? WES examines insights from surveys of U.S.-enrolled Indian master’s students in three top fields – engineering, math/computer sciences & business. Based on original research.

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Beyond the Basics: Top-Line Recommendations for International Student ‘First Responders’

WES research suggests a clear tie between international student well-being on campus and the success of future recruitment efforts. It’s with an eye on these realities that we’ve outlined a handful of recommendations for those who most often interface with international students, for support services offices that tend to have a non-international focus, and for faculty engagement. Learn more.

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The International Student Experience: A Crucial Domain of Recruitment and Retention

International student alumni can be an institution’s biggest brand ambassadors, but only if they have a good experience on campus. The research team at WES surveyed almost 5,000 current or formal international students to learn more about what did and didn’t work for them during their time at U.S. institutions – and to develop actionable recommendations to help HEIs better meet student needs and future recruitment goals.

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Infographic: The International Student Experience

Do you know which group of international students suffers most deeply from homesickness? What about which ones have trouble making peer-to-peer or student-to-faculty connections? In order to help higher education institutions better understand the needs and experiences of students from

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