The Importance of Higher Education for Syrian Refugees

Jessica Magaziner, Credential Analyst, WES The Syrian conflict has been covered extensively in the news since its violent inception in the spring of 2011. This conflict has resulted in extreme loss of life, societal destruction and the displacement of millions of Syrian people. While the…

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Mobility Patterns and Pathways of Indian Engineers to the U.S.

By Rahul Choudaha, Megha Roy, Research & Advisory Services, WES More than 25 million Indians have emigrated and currently reside in countries around the world. Nearly 2.6 million of them live in the United States, forming the third largest immigrant population there. Compared to the…

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Top Emerging Markets for International Student Recruitment

By Yuanyuan Fang, Megha Roy, Alejandro Ortiz, Research & Advisory Services, WES The number of international students from just a few countries on major U.S. campuses has increased to such a level that headlines such as “The University of China at Illinois” have been appearing…

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