Speeding the Recognition of Foreign Qualifications in Canada

A new framework to speed the integration of foreign-trained immigrants into the Canadian workforce was introduced in late November as part of the Canadian Government’s strategy to attract and integrate “ the best educated, most skilled and most flexible workforce in the world.” Under the…

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How WES Evaluates the Three-Year Bachelor’s Degree from India

By WES Staff VIEW UPCOMING FREE WEBINAR: EDUCATION IN INDIA World Education Services (WES) has revised its assessment of the three-year bachelor’s degree awarded by Indian universities and now considers selected three-year degrees from India to be equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s degree. The decision…

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New B.C. Universities and Institutional Nomenclature

Canadian institutions of higher education have a dizzying array of titles, and with no centralized federal body to normalize institutional classifications there exists a convoluted mish mash of institutional titles and mandates across Canada’s ten provincial education authorities. With the recent naming of five new…

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